To Whittier Parents and Guardians:

07/30/2011 07:38


For a list of enrollment dates and times, please visit this link on the NPS Website (this includes a date for students new to our district):


WHITTIER ENROLLMENT AND CONFIRMATION will be held at NORMAN NORTH HIGH SCHOOL’S COMMONS due to construction at Whittier.  Norman North is located at 1809 Stubbeman Avenue.  WMS parents should park in back with easy access to the Commons.



We hope this information will prepare you for the process and will alleviate any confusion or frustration with regard to our requirements for all Whittier families (whether current or returning students).  Remember, we are a very large school, and we do follow these requirements very strictly.  This list is also available on WhittierWeb, our school website:


  • (1)  2 proofs of residency which MUST BE one of the following: current water bill, gas bill, electric bill, or cable bill.  (Please save a copy of your July/August bill or be sure to print one from your online billing site before you arrive.)  If current bills are not available, the ONLY SUBSTITUTION will be a current lease or purchase agreement on a home.
  • (2)  Your 2 proofs of residency MUST BE issued in the name of the Whittier student’s legal guardian, or they will not be accepted.  If your bills are issued to someone other than the legal guardian, they MUST BE accompanied by a notarized letter which states that the student and his/her legal guardian live with the person whose name appears on the bills and at the address which appears on the bills.  This letter must be current and does not carry forward from one school year to the next.  Contact Judge Napoli’s office at the Cleveland County Courthouse, if you need to obtain a letter prior to enrollment.
  • (3)  NOTE: you only need a copy of your child’s immunizations IF you were notified by a school health professional that one was needed or out-of-date at the end of last school year or if you are enrolling a seventh grader.  All seventh graders must have the T-Dap booster before they will be enrolled or confirmed.  Please bring proof of this to enrollment if your child will be a seventh grader this year. 



Camp TP will be held at Whittier on Tuesday, August 23 from 8 a.m. – noon.  Bus transportation will be provided to those who need it.  Students will be with their advisory teachers, and parents are invited to stay in the cafeteria for a parent meeting at 8:30 a.m.  After the meeting, parents may leave and pick their child up through the front lot at noon if he/she is not riding a bus home.  Students will be running through an abbreviated class schedule that morning, and they will be eating lunch in the cafeteria to practice what that process looks like on a regular school day.  Students should dress school appropriately but comfortably.  If you have not registered for Camp TP, you may still do so during enrollment/enrollment confirmation.  Late enrollments may not receive a t-shirt.  More information on Camp Turning Points is available at



Our school supplies lists have been updated on our website at and they are available in local retail stores too. Whittier PTA will be selling pre-packaged school supplies (while they last) during enrollment.  This is an easy way to do one-stop-shopping while enrolling/registering your student.


We are in the process of updating our Student Handbook online.  Keep checking our Student Handbook page, as it will have dress code information available, if you need it for back-to-school clothes shopping.  School Start and End Times have changed.  We will begin first period at 8:35 a.m., and we will begin dismissal at 3:40 p.m. each day.


Students will not have lockers at Whittier this year.  We are in the process of installing hook/storage systems in each advisory teacher’s classroom to hang backpacks and to store bags, coats, etc.  Please be aware of this when you are back-to-school shopping.



Obviously, this letter is coming out a little later than usual.  Our school is undergoing a complete renovation and construction that will last through next spring.  That is why we have relocated our offices and our enrollment to Norman North to allow the work crew to complete as much as possible before teachers return, Camp Turning Points occurs, and school begins!

It is a very exciting time, and while we will have to adjust to teaching and learning in the midst of this process, we know that the end-result will be amazing and well-worth occasional hiccups to our “normal” routine throughout the year!  Your children’s quality middle school experience is still our NUMBER ONE GOAL!  We are updating everyone on our construction project via our Renovation Updates webpage.  You can bookmark it and check back often at

Information on construction progress and enrollment/registration is always available on the Norman Public Schools website at

Remember, CAMP TURNING POINTS on August 23 and the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL on August 24 will happen as scheduled at Whittier!  Warriors ROCK… and we can’t wait to begin another successful school year!  Please call us with any questions at 366-5956.


Ms. Swanson, Principal


Whittier Middle School

2000 W. Brooks Street
Norman, OK 73069

PHONE 366-5956
FAX 447-6562

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